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Sprint Challenge Benelux Becomes Porsche Sprint Trophy Benelux

· The Porsche Sprint Challenge Benelux becomes the Porsche Sprint Trophy Benelux

· A championship more than ever dedicated to gentlemen drivers and young competitors

· The top tracks in the Benelux for intensified and concentrated meetings

It is no longer the Porsche Sprint Challenge Benelux, but the Porsche Sprint Trophy Benelux! After an encouraging first edition in 2020, the championship organised by The Driving Force will return in 2021 with a new name. But not only that! The format of the events has been revised to offer even more intensified meetings on top circuits in the Benelux. This will make this competition dedicated to youngsters, beginners and gentlemen drivers more attractive than ever.

In real terms, five race weekends will be organised in the Benelux: one at Zolder, two at Zandvoort and two at Spa-Francorchamps. “The two 30-minute sprint races and the 55-minute mini-endurance race will be retained,” explains Olivier Aerts, Series Manager of the championship. “All the meetings will be organised over two days. This will allow us to offer improved schedules with no less than 200 minutes of driving time. This format is ideal both to limit costs and to allow gentleman drivers to live their passion to the full despite a busy professional agenda.”

In the pack, there will still be two classes: the Clubsport Division will bring together the first and second generation Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport cars, while the Cup Division will see the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 991 Gen I and Gen II cars compete against each other. These are models the reliability of which no longer needs to be tried and tested and which, with their power and handling on track, offer exhilarating sensations to drivers. “For youngsters or beginners in motor sport, this category is an excellent school at which to learn the ropes of competitive driving,” underlines Olivier Aerts. “Then they can make their way up the Porsche Motorsport pyramid by turning to the Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux”.

Pleasure and enjoyment will also be at the heart of the organisation's concerns. “We want to guarantee fun on and off the track,” Olivier continues. “During each weekend, we will welcome our members in the Porsche Hospitality area, a place where teams and drivers can eat, drink and invite their partners under the best possible conditions.”

And that is a promise! Now you just have to wait until the weekend of 8-9 May at Zolder, within the framework of the New Race Festival, for the start of the Porsche Sprint Trophy Benelux. After that, there will be a first trip to Zandvoort, two meetings at Spa-Francorchamps and the final, again at Zandvoort.

Calendar for the 2020 Porsche Sprint Trophy Benelux

8-9 May: New Race Festival, Zolder

22-23 May: Pinksterraces, Zandvoort

9-10 July: 25-Hour Fun Cup, Spa-Francorchamps

25-26 September: FrancoSpeed, Spa-Francorchamps

16-17 October: Finaleraces, Zandvoort

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