The Porsche Sprint Challenge Benelux is a new sprint championship reserved to pure amateurs, gentlemen-drivers and young talents.

Welcome to Porsche Sprint Challenge Benelux! ​

The base of the success of the Porsche Cups is the rich history of the brand and its famous one make series. In 1990 the first Porsche Cup was born: Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland. In 1993 the Porsche Supercup was founded and this successful series is still the opening race for Formula 1 events worldwide.

In 2013 the Benelux series kicked off as the 20th Porsche one make series worldwide. Right from the start, the Cup had numerous fans and lots of interest from racing drivers and teams from all over Europe. Exciting events, famous racetracks and fair but close racing is what it’s all about. The Porsche Sprint Challenge Benelux is a new Porsche sprint championship reserved for pure amateurs or young drivers who want to take their career in motor sport to the next level. I

Check out our calendar and join us this season to witness the speed and competitiveness of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Benelux. For all informations you can use our Guide to PSCB.

NameTeamTotal points
1Jaxon VerhoevenSpeedlover
2Michael CoolNGT Racing
3Nicolas VandierendonckEMG Motorsport
4Jean-Pierre VerhoevenSpeedlover
5Gilles SmitsSpeedlover

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